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Hair of the dog

“Never work with animals” the old saying goes. Though sometimes you don’t get a choice. Especially when a beagle leaps onto a chair, admittedly on the promise of a delicious scooby snack dangled suggestively behind the camera lens. So, spot the dog in this collection of marketing photos I shot for premium barber shop and […]

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How a blog helps your charity

It’s time to turn the spotlight on one of my charity clients: Orb Community Arts in Knaresborough. I spend a few hours on-site per week, copywriting interviews, writing about upcoming events and making exciting announcements to the Orb community from their creative musicians and artists then putting it all together on the Orb Community Arts […]

Freelance life

Graduate Entrepreneurship case study

As a dedicated follower of the blog, you’ll know that I’ve just been back to school, at the Entrepreneur’s Boot Camp: to get a tight grip on the practicalities of things like tax, law and finance. I came away with a suitcase full of new knowledge, buckets of inspiration and a coach-load of new friends […]

Past work

Open Country blog goes live

I’m really pleased to announce the launch of Open Country’s new blog which I planned, set up and am now in the process of populating with exciting stories and fresh content using copywriting and photography. Open Country are a charity based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, who have a really clear and simple mission: to help […]