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Open Country blog goes live

I’m really pleased to announce the launch of Open Country’s new blog which I planned, set up and am now in the process of populating with exciting stories and fresh content using copywriting and photography. Open Country are a charity based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, who have a really clear and simple mission: to help people with disabilities to access the countryside.

Open Country have seen other charities taking advantage of social media web sites like Facebook and Twitter and wanted a piece of the action to raise awareness of their cause. The strategy I’ve put in place will raise their profile, spread their message and increase support: the lifeblood of any charity. They came to me because they’re too busy doing great care and conservation work to capture and share their news stories. They also were short of the knowledge and skills needed to make the best of social networking tools. That’s where I can help.

Screen shot of the open Country blog

It’s worth mentioning that Open Country already had a web site and long may it continue! What is important is that I’ve opened up a new channel of communication for them and a very powerful one at that. The blog, at, will sit alongside their existing web site and on their behalf, I’ll regularly update it with written articles, photographs and ‘calls to action’ which will involve their supporters. Search engines will also love the fresh content that will keep appearing: boosting their search rankings.

Do you want to raise awareness of your charity or cause?

Of all my clients, I’ve found that charities seem to have the most going on: things like ongoing projects in the community, member stories and fund-raising events. No wonder they don’t have the time to step back, take photographs, gather the facts then write about their events using blogging tools and social media: things that I specialise in.

If you are interested in having something similar set up then you should get in touch using any of the details listed on the contact page.

Oh and one more thing: guess how much it cost to set up a blog for Open Country: nothing. It was free!

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