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How a blog helps your charity

It’s time to turn the spotlight on one of my charity clients: Orb Community Arts in Knaresborough. I spend a few hours on-site per week, copywriting interviews, writing about upcoming events and making exciting announcements to the Orb community from their creative musicians and artists then putting it all together on the Orb Community Arts blog.

So it’s time to share some of the benefits that blog copwriting support can offer to a charity after only a couple of months.

Interview with Leon from Orb Community Arts

The Orb Community Arts blog has been up for almost two months now telling the world all about the great community work that Orb does, are you starting to see the benefits yet?

Absolutely. Having the blog element to the web-site has given it a very personal feel. Web pages can look great but often they’re just a repository for information and not somewhere you often return to. With the interactivity and constantly evolving nature of the blog, we’ve found more people taking notice of the web-site, an increasing number of enquiries and a lot of positive feedback. Having up to date articles on the people involved at Orb and the wide variety of stuff that goes on here seems to have succeeded in establishing a much friendlier, more approachable digital presence in a very short space of time.

A screenshot of the Orb Community Arts charity blog
Orb Community Arts charity blog

Does having someone come in and create blog stories on your behalf make life easier for Orb?

Yes. With any charity there is always more work than hours in the day. Finding time to highlight the work we do and promote it to prospective service users and partners is difficult and often gets pushed to the bottom of the agenda. Having someone coming in with a fresh perspective, able to look at what goes on at Orb and get that out into the public domain has made life immeasurably easier. The staff team can concentrate on developing and delivering services and working with clients knowing that all the good work is being recognised and talked about. Chris has a gift for writing sharp, informative articles that capture the essence of the subject in an easy to read, informative and easy going style that everyone can relate to.

How do you think a blog can help other charities?

I’d never considered the benefits a blog could bring until Chris approached us with the idea but having seen how much energy and relevance it has injected into the web site and our digital profile generally, I would whole-heartedly recommend to any charity. Its important to show what work you’re doing and the benefit it provides, whether to prospective beneficiaries, funders, potential partners – its vital to get that information out there in a way that makes people want to get in touch. A blog does that providing the world with an intimate and personalised snap shot of where your organisation is at and what it’s about. With social media in general playing a growing part in everybody’s lives, blogging is a route a lot of organisations ought to take seriously.

Does your charity want to reach out to funders and partners?

So far at Orb, I’ve saved them time, increased public interest in their charity and enhanced their image. If your charity wants to gain the same benefits as Orb Community Arts, then get in touch using any of the details listed on the contact page.

By Chris Kenworthy | Coach

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2 replies on “How a blog helps your charity”

As the volunteer webmaster at Orb I can attest to the fact that the blog has helped drive traffic and increase awareness of what Orb does. Page hits have increased five-fold since Chris started the blog and we’re seeing many more return visits and people spend longer on the site and explore it more deeply – that all helps to get the word out.

Chris is always enthusiastic and full of ideas and his writing is excellent. Plus he’s a great guy to work with!

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