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Welcome to clarity utopia

My vision behind everything I do as a freelancer.

Cast your mind back to the last time you made up with someone. Perhaps you fell out with your partner over something trivial. Or couldn’t find common ground on a point of difference with a colleague.

Now picture clearing the air. Between you, you agreed that the end result, be it cooperation, progress or the very relationship itself, was worth more than a petty squabble.

Do you remember that lovely warm feeling after you came clean with one another, by explaining your side of the argument? Remember how good it felt to realise you pretty much wanted the same thing? Albeit for different reasons; ones you both found hard to express in the heat of the moment.

Now dwell on that deep feeling of relief and contentment

Because that’s the effect I want my copywriting and event photography to have on people – a feeling of complete satisfaction when we address that most basic of human needs: to understand and be understood.

Put simply, I’m in the business of helping people exchange ideas clearly. So they form more meaningful bonds, and make better informed decisions – without the need to ever fall out in the first place.

In real terms that means helping your customers or clients ‘get’ what you really stand for, by writing engaging case studies on your behalf. Or solving their problems with enlightening insight I write, so you’re front-of-mind next time they need to call in the experts. Speeches I edit do the very same – captivating people’s attention so, if only for a stolen moment, they too see the world through your eyes.

The same goes for event photos. Suppose you host a lively, engaging event that brought people together and made your industry that little bit stronger. What’s the best way to share that electricity than with natural, honest photographs that capture the day’s activities truthfully. Much as I favour the pen, pictures transport people to different ways of thinking, far faster than words.

As you can see, honesty and straight-talking are at the core of everything I do as a freelancer

No matter what the subject matter, copywriting or event photography, that vision of humans understanding and being understood is what keeps the pride and joy in my art.

This rosy world I dream of has people saying what they really mean to, and that only comes from being honest to yourself and others. It’s where people feel fulfilled from articulating themselves clearly, their truth transformed into terms others can relate to. No obstacle is too complex in this clarity utopia – everything can be taken to bits, to grasp how it works, then reassembled and made better than ever before.

Misunderstandings only happen when people aren’t being honest with one another, and so fail to get their point across clearly enough. Sure, you can get by gesticulating and yelling ever louder – like a sunburnt Brit abroad. But that’s not a sustainable way to live and build trust.

Instead, I propose we stride forward together towards my clarity utopia – one word and photo at a time.

Care to join me there?

By Chris Kenworthy | Coach

I help people like you tap into your more playful, resourceful, less serious side(s).

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